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Different Medical Waste Disposal Contracts

We love our customers, and we hope our customers like us back. We do our best to be punctual and reliable. We do our best to completely and flawlessly take care of your business’s medical waste disposal safety and compliance.
When you call, we try to understand who you are, what your business is, and what kind of medical waste disposal best suits your needs. We like getting to know new faces in the medical industry. People in healthcare are our heroes, especially because we are super-aware of how every little detail has to be regulated, compliant, and paperworked.
However, as much as we like our customers, we understand that there is a possibility that you may not like us back as much. Or that one day you will not need our services anymore… for whatever reason.

It’s pretty annoying when you don’t need someone’s services any more and you let them know, they tell you that you have signed a contract for x amount of years and you will need to pay the difference. There’s nothing worse than that “stuck” feeling, being bound to someone who you don’t like because they are holding something (a contract) over your head.

So, again, to recap:

We like our customers.

You know what we don’t like?
We don’t like locked contracts.

(We think nobody else does, either.)
They’re nice for the medical waste disposal company, and they prevent a moderate amount of hassle for long-term contractors, but we feel like it’s lousy customer service to get your claws into a customer like that.

We like to provide a service that’s mutually helpful to both you and us; we strive to meet your needs; not force you to accept our services even when you don’t need them anymore. (Or if you’re just tired of us. Or something in your business changed and you need to adjust the contract to reflect a different type or volume of medical waste disposal.)
We are happy to take things day by day. (You should, too. It’s good advice.) We (try our best, anyway) to be more flexible and open to change as it comes… and we let our business practices reflect that.
We put a lot of thought into developing our different contract options. We offer different kinds of medical waste disposal contracts to suit your company. We think we give you a fair amount of flexibility to choose what suits you best.
You can sign up for a long term contract, from a year to three years. We can set up an automatic payment system and then we won’t bother you any more, unless there’s a real problem. You can focus on all other aspects of your business and not bother your head.
If you’re a smaller business, and your medical waste disposal needs are seasonal, or even temporary, we offer month-by-month contracts. We tried to make renewing the contract from month to month as straightforward and time-wise as possible so that it takes the least possible amount of time. We’re happy to accept feedback about the process and fix any glitches, if you find any.
We also have an option of a one-time pickup. You call, we come. We pick up your medical waste, do our medical waste disposal thing, and save you from worrying about compliance and fines and other medical waste disposal issues. That’s it. Then we’re done and out of your hair. It’s a one-time service and we both go on our merry ways. If you need us again, you can call again, and we’ll temporarily take care of your medical waste disposal for the time that you called.
We try to accommodate all types of customers and businesses and really see what works best for each one. It’s one of our best business practices and we’re very proud of the different contracts we offer.

So, if for any reason you are not happy with the service, or need to change your contract in any way, call us. We will do our best to accommodate you. If you don’t yet have any contract, give us a call for a free quote: 866-254-5105



I know I can count on you all to collect everything and do it safely.

You are a great company to work with. At our pharmaceutical production laboratory. We have gallons of leftover pharmaceutical waste that are a headache for our techs to deal with. I know I can count on you all to collect everything and do it safely. I’m pleased with the personal service.


Mitchell Adam

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