Sharps Containers

Sharps Disposal Containers

In the healthcare industry, sharps waste is defined as any waste that has a sharp edge or carries a puncture risk. As a healthcare provider, you already know that any facility produces countless pieces of this type of waste. Our services include disposing of your sharps. However, since we can’t be there every day, we sell a variety of sharps disposal containers for easy storage until that waste can be removed on the date of your choosing.

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Biohazard Sharps Containers

Sharps are a potential hazard even when unused. As medical waste, they pose a threat to the sanitation of healthcare facilities and the health of their patients if not properly disposed of. We carry a variety of sharps disposal containers, ranging in size from one quart to 18 gallons. We’re aware that every facility has different needs, so we provide a wide variety of sizes and packages of sharps disposal containers, at a competitive price.

Medical Waste Disposal at MedWaste Management

Of course, our top priority is the safe and effective disposal of your medical waste, and we provide containers to make that process as efficient as possible. We offer containers for many types of waste, including reusable medical waste containers, pathological and RCRA biohazardous waste containers, and paper waste containers, ensuring you can count on us for all your medical waste needs. Call us today for competitively priced medical waste disposal with no contracts or hidden fees!


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