Trouble with Nursing Homes! Trouble with Nursing Homes!

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The Trouble with Nursing Homes

Trouble with Nursing Homes!
As a medical waste disposal company, I am obviously not writing to vent about my issues with the care and treatment of the nursing homes residents. Nope. It’s the medical waste in the facility that I’m worried about.
Nursing Homes need proper Medical Waste Disposal Protocols, too.
As members of the healthcare industry, nursing homes also generate medical waste and are required to comply with both state and federal laws about medical waste disposal. It may seem, (to some people) that medical waste generated in a nursing home is home-generated or household medical waste—which has non-regulated procedures for disposal. However, most states classify nursing homes as an institution providing healthcare to the community and therefore a generator of regulated medical waste (RMW).
(As a reminder, regulated medical waste (bio-hazardous waste) is defined as medical waste that contains blood, bodily fluids or other infectious material that risk contaminating other objects and the wider community.)
Nursing Homes are, therefore, required to have a good medical waste disposal protocol in place; one that complies with federal and state guidelines.
Here are some suggestions that may be useful for creating a medical waste disposal plan:

1. Have a Plan.

A PROPER management plan for medical waste disposal
(and bio-hazardous/sharps disposal too.)

Here are some elements to consider and include in a medical waste disposal plan:
How to decrease the overall cost of medical waste disposal (hire us!!)
*How to decrease the amount of medical waste generated at the facility
(This may entail drawing a list of recyclable items in the facility, and figuring out a way to isolate them better, so they don’t end up with the regulated medical waste. If recyclable items, like white office paper, newspapers, cardboard, bottles, jars and cans come into contact with medical waste materials, they must be treated like regulated medical waste. This is very costly!! Some ways of avoiding this cost are sectioning areas for recycling disposal units, so that staff and residents of the nursing home can properly dispose of them without cross contamination.)

2. Proper Storage and Transportation.

This is where we come in. Get a good, properly regulated, and cost-effective medical waste disposal company. Our company will help you with the storage as well as hauling away the medical waste disposal containers for you! We will provide clean and reusable containers that suit the needs of your facility. We will take over the transportation piece of the medical waste disposal as well.
(Yes, you can always look up blogs and youtube videos about how to do it yourself, but we recommend leaving the headache to us.)

3. Avoid the most common medical waste disposal mistakes that facilities make:

*Dispose solid waste as Regulated Medical Waste
*Get inconsistent medical waste management training for the medical staff
*Fail to transport and dispose of medical waste according to Federal and State Regulations.

Nursing homes have a huge responsibility to the people residing in them- the elderly, and other people needing the healthcare assistance.
Nursing homes also have a responsibility to their staff and the larger community, to reduce risk of infection and contamination.
Proper medical waste disposal must be ensured.
We recommend hiring a medical waste disposal company to consult with about the details, get appropriate containers, and to train your staff for proper medical waste disposal. There is a competitive market out there so that you can find a company that fits within your budget.
We are all going to be old at some point. Put the protocols in place so that we can be old and safe, too.

I know I can count on you all to collect everything and do it safely.

You are a great company to work with. At our pharmaceutical production laboratory. We have gallons of leftover pharmaceutical waste that are a headache for our techs to deal with. I know I can count on you all to collect everything and do it safely. I’m pleased with the personal service.


Mitchell Adam

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