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Sharps waste is considered to be any medical waste with a sharp edge, including scalpels and syringes. Sharps disposal is one of the many medical waste disposal services that we offer at MedWaste Management. In between collections, however, you will need to have a plan for storing all of your sharps waste. You will be producing this waste daily, so it’s important to safely and effectively store this waste. Luckily, the MedWaste Management store carries a range of sharps containers and sharps cabinets for container storage.

Sharps Container Cabinet

In a healthcare environment, waste management is an important concern. Our sharps containers are functional by every standard of utility and safety. However, the amount of sharps waste produced every day means that you’ll go through a lot of them. For this reason, we offer sharps cabinets to house your 5-quart sharps containers. This wall-mounted sharps container cabinet comes in a wooden finish that will be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. In between your medical waste collections, these sharps cabinets will keep your sharps waste safely stored and out of sight.

Medical Waste Management

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