5 Gallon Pharmaceutical Waste Bucket- Snap Shut Lid – Call To Order


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This freestanding pharmaceutical waste container is usually placed on the floor, for  collection of pharmaceutical waste and medicine waste. It features a separate lid that gets snapped shut for its only and final closing. The lid also contains a spout that can be opened and closed for use. Once the lid is securely closed shut, the container cannot be reopened. It is designed to be spill and odor resistant.

  • This product is available for MedWaste Service Customers only. Call or email to order, 866 254-5105 &  sales@medwastemngmt.com
  • Color: White
  • Lid Type: Snap Shut Lid, with screw spout
  • Unit Size: 5 Gallons, 14.6″H x 12.1″Diameter