San Diego Hazardous Waste Disposal

MedWaste Management makes hazardous waste disposal in the San Diego area more convenient than ever! With warehouses and vehicles all over the state of California, our hazardous waste disposal program operates efficiently and safely, with a track record that we are extraordinarily proud of. San Diego is, of course, no exception. We have strategically placed workers and facilities across the state to ensure that we are able to service your medical waste needs. No matter how large or small your facility, you can count on MedWaste Management to get the job done quickly, effectively, and with consistent quality every time.

San Diego Medical Waste Disposal

We provide hazardous and medical waste disposal in San Diego, including disposal of sharps, pharmaceutical waste, pathological waste, and trace chemotherapy waste. We place paramount priority on both efficiency and safety. No regulation or safety standard is too trivial when we are removing waste from your facility. We are uniquely equipped to keep your San Diego County facility free of hazardous waste.

Medical Waste Disposal all Across California

We take great care in our hazardous waste disposal in San Diego County, but our job does not stop there. It is our goal to offer complete and comprehensive medical waste solutions all across the majority of the state of California. We operate under the principle of mutual trust, meaning that we will never lock you into unfavorable contracts or apply hidden fees to your invoice. To find out more, call 866-254-5105.