Orange County Medical & Hazardous Waste Disposal

Managing hazardous and medical waste in Orange County is an enormous challenge for healthcare providers. Thankfully, MedWaste Management has devised a unique strategy to provide these services county-wide. Managing your hazardous waste has never been easier or safer with MedWaste Management. We have strategically placed facilities, trucks, employees, and warehouses all across the state, so we can service any customer in Orange County. We have a solution for your hazardous waste disposal needs in Orange County.

Medical Waste Disposal in Orange County

Healthcare facilities in the Orange County area don’t have to worry about managing their medical waste when they choose MedWaste Management. We handle every type of medical waste including sharps, pathological waste, pharmaceuticals, trace chemotherapy waste, and even paper waste, with no minimums whatsoever. Our procedures are designed to maximize both efficiency and safety. We take safety regulations very seriously, and no protocol is too trivial to observe to the letter. Orange County hazardous waste disposal is an endless task, but we work with California health care providers to ensure that everything stays on schedule.

Medical Waste Disposal in California

As important of a task as it is to us, our job does not stop in Orange County. We have made a commitment to service the majority of the state of California, with facilities strategically located to make this possible. We operate under the basis of mutual trust, so you never get locked into unfavorable contracts. For more information on our services, call 866-254-5105.