Medical Waste Disposal

1. Medical Waste Disposal.

1.1 What Is Medical Waste?

Medical waste can be categorized as:

  • Biohazardous waste - this can be any item containing biologically infectious matter, specimens, cultures, items that contain recognizable fluid human blood or other infectious extrudate.
  • Sharps waste - this can include any medical waste which can puncture, such as hypodermic needles, syringes, blades. Sharps waste must be contained in a sharps container.
  • Pharmaceutical waste - this includes unused, expired or outdated prescription or over-the-counter drugs, that are not regulated by the RCRA Act.
  • Pathology waste - this can be surgery specimens, tissues or anatomical parts.
  • Trace-chemo waste - this can include any item that is contaminated through contact with or having previously contained a chemotherapeutic agent. This would include items such as gloves, gowns, towels, and empty intravenous bags and tubing.

MedWaste Management collects and disposes of all types of regulated medical waste, from any type of healthcare facility, business, or resident.

1.2 Medical Waste Disposal Services

At your scheduled service times, or when you request it, a friendly MedWaste driver will arrive at your facility to collect and dispose of all your medical waste - which includes: biohazardous waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, pathological waste, and trace chemo waste.

Any filled reusable medical waste storage containers, will be collected and replaced with clean empty ones. Any disposable sharps containers and biohazard bags will be collected. At the customer's request, we can automatically replace any disposable containers that we collect, with new ones, from our products inventory.

Before the end of your service visit, your driver will inquire if there is any additional waste that should be collected, and if there is any additional products or supplies that you wish to have. After all the waste has been collected, an electronic tracking document on the driver's device will be signed by both the driver and a customer representative. The customer will immediately receive an email with a copy of the signed tracking document, and will later receive an updated version of the tracking document, with additional signatures, when the waste gets dropped off for proper treatment and disposal. You can view your electronic tracking documents at anytime by logging in.

After the collection of your waste, MedWaste will transport and deliver your waste for treatment and disposal. Biohazardous waste and sharps waste will be sterilized through an approved autoclave process. Pharmaceutical waste, pathological waste and trace-chemo waste will be completely incinerated.

1.3 Pricing

Your pricing will depend on your specific area in California. Contact us for pricing in your area! To contact us, call (866) 254-5105 or fill out the Get A Quote form, in the yellow box, on the the top right side of this page.

Remember, our service pricing is guaranteed for 2 years, and you are never locked into a contract, so you can change or cancel services at anytime!

1.4 Start Service / First Service

Contact us to start service. To contact us, call (866) 254-5105 or fill out the Get A Quote form, in the yellow box, on the top right side of this page.

We’ll answer any questions about our pricing & services and offer to email or fax to you a service agreement! Once you receive your service agreement, you can review it, sign it, and return it to us to get your account started.

You can return your signed service agreement to us by emailing it to, or by faxing it to (866) 254-5105, or by mailing it to MedWaste Management, 5850 W. 3rd. Street Unit # 331. Los Angeles, CA 90036. You can also request to receive a digital service agreement that you can sign online!

Once you return your signed service agreement to us, your account will be created! You'll receive an email from your account manager letting you know when we plan to arrive at your facility for the first time, as well as your login information for your newly created Compliance Program account, for full access.

Your first service can happen right after you start your account, or you may delay it until you need it. You can always let us know about your specific scheduling requirements or business hours, so that we could accommodate them.

At the prescheduled time, a MedWaste driver will arrive at your facility for your first service visit. He will collect any medical waste that you need to dispose of, and will deliver any supplies that you ordered or request. He can also give you medical waste signs and stickers for your medical waste containers and storage areas.

As with any service or delivery that we perform, an electronic tracking document recording the details of your service and/or delivery will be signed by both our driver and your representative - on our driver’s electronic device. A copy of the signed document will be emailed to you, as well as stored on your online Compliance Program account for easy viewing and downloading at anytime.

1.5 Tracking Documents

In California, approved medical waste tracking documents are used to track medical waste from its point of creation until it’s treated for disposal. MedWaste uses approved electronic medical waste tracking documents. It is a superb and compliant way to easily and accurately track your medical waste throughout its pick up and disposal process.

When your medical waste is collected, our driver and your customer rep will sign a State approved electronic tracking document on the driver’s mobile device. The electronic tracking document details the amounts and types of medical waste collected at that time. As soon as the tracking document is signed, it will be attached to an email and sent to your email address(es). It will also be permanently stored on your Compliance Program account, so you can view and print it at anytime.

When your medical waste is dropped off for treatment and disposal, you will be sent, and have access to, the updated tracking document that has the added signature of the treatment facility’s representative. The invoice that you receive for service (by mail or email), will detail the waste that was collected, and attest to, and certify, its proper treatment and destruction.

At anytime you can view, download and print your past medical waste tracking documents, by logging in to your Compliance Program. Your compliance program username and password are sent to you as soon as your account is created, and can be resent by request.

See a sample medical waste tracking document here.

1.6 Service Frequency & Scheduling

In California, the rules are as follows: If you generate more than 20 pounds of biohazardous waste per month, you may store your medical waste onsite for up to seven days. If you generate less than 20 pounds of biohazardous waste per month, you may store your medical waste onsite for up to 30 days.

If you are storing your biohazardous waste at or below 32° fahrenheit i.e. in a freezer, you may store your medical waste onsite for up to 90 days. If it is pharmaceutical waste that you are storing, you may store the waste on site for up to 90 days, from when the container is ready for disposal. The container shall be emptied at least once per year.

Odor and storage considerations may require that you remove your waste more frequently.

MedWaste will come and collect your medical waste as often as you’d like. When you start your account, your pick up schedule will be set and conveyed to you, based on the service frequency that you requested.

If you have recurring services, your services will be equally spaced. Weekly customers can expect services on the same day every week, monthly customers can expect there services at the same time every month and so on. If you are on an “on call” service plan, simply call or email us when you are ready for service, and you’ll be scheduled for the desired time. Available service frequencies are:

  • On Call (one time service, whenever you request it)
  • Bi-Annually (every 6 months)
  • Quarterly (every 3 months)
  • Every 2 Months
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly (twice a month)
  • Every 2 Weeks (more often than Bi-Monthly)
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly (twice a week)
  • Daily

If you need an extra pick up between your scheduled pick up times, we are happy and able to help. Simply call or email us and we’ll quickly schedule your extra pick up, for the desired time. Standard service charges will apply. Medwaste is flexible and will try to meet the individual scheduling needs of our customers.

Most of MedWaste’s pick-ups occur between 9am and 5pm. However, MedWaste can usually accommodate facilities that need their waste collected earlier or later.

If you don't expect to have any medical waste for disposal, when your service is scheduled to occur, you could give us 24 hours notice, and we will gladly skip that scheduled service. No service charges will apply.

2. Additional Services.

2.1 Products

MedWaste offers great products for you to properly containerize and manage your medical waste. There are two types:

  • Reusable containers - these are medical waste storage containers that are placed at your facility to store filled medical waste bags and filled sharps containers that are ready for pickup and disposal. Loose sharps shall not be placed directly into any reusable container. Reusable containers are provided at no charge to MedWaste customers with recurring services.
  • Disposable containers - these are one time use containers for collecting and storing sharps and other medical waste, usually at its point of generation e.g. sharps containers on the wall or counter, biohazard bags, pharmaceutical waste containers etc.. MedWaste provides its customers with a great selection of disposable containers. You can order containers from us at anytime, or you can ask us to automatically replenish any filled disposable containers that we collect, with empty new ones!
See our great selection of reusable and disposal containers here.

2.2 Paper Shredding

Whether your paper is in file boxes, bags, or locked cabinets, we can securely collect it and shred it! No minimums. We can collect it during any or all of your medical waste disposal service visits, so it’s convenient and you save! We also offer locking paper receptacles that can be placed at your facility, so you can easily and securely accumulate and store your paper waste, in between pick up times.
To learn more about our paper shredding services and products, contact us or click here.

2.3 RCRA Hazardous Waste Disposal

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is the public law that creates the framework for the proper management of hazardous waste.

Many healthcare facilities generate waste that is considered hazardous waste. Hazardous waste has different and stricter disposal regulations than regulated medical waste.
We can help you manage your hazardous waste by assisting you in properly identifying, labeling and ultimately disposing of your hazardous waste.

To learn more about our hazardous waste (RCRA) disposal and management services, contact us or click here.

3. Pricing & Billing.

3.1 Guaranteed Pricing

Your price for service with MedWaste is guaranteed for 24 months from when you start services. You are never locked in a contract. This means that you can change or cancel services at anytime, without penalties or fees.

After 24 months, we have the right to increase pricing, with a 30 day advance written notice. Any new pricing will be guaranteed for another 24 months. Price increases are not automatic or planned and are made on a case by case basis. In most cases, prices are not increased for a number of years.

Your service invoice will reflect the pricing that was clearly detailed in your MedWaste service agreement. No surprise charges or fees will ever appear. Added charges are permanently uninvited from our invoices.

Our pricing for services is based on your location, the type of waste that you are generating, and how often you need services. Please contact us for pricing and to start service! See a sample MedWaste invoice here.

3.2 No Contracts

While your price for service is guaranteed for 24 months, you are never locked in a contract. Our service agreement is a document that details the services that Medwaste will provide along with the price that you can expect to pay, it is not a locked contract.

You are never locked into a contract, and may cancel or change services at anytime without fees, penalties or damages. See a sample of the MedWaste service agreement that is currently in use here.

To cancel or change service, notify us by:
Phone: (866) 254-5105
Mail: MedWaste Management - 5850 W. 3rd Street #331 Los Angeles, CA 90036

3.3 Billing & Terms

MedWaste will send an invoice at month's end for all services performed and products delivered, during that month. The invoice is due 15 days after its receipt. You will be asked if you’d like to receive your invoices through email or regular mail. All invoices can be paid with credit card or check. Ask a MedWaste rep if you’d like for us to save your credit card info for auto pay for your invoices.

See a sample invoice here.

4. Compliance.

4.1 Compliance Program

All MedWaste customers will have free unlimited access to our Compliance Program. As soon as you start services with MedWaste, a Compliance Program account will be created for your company, and your username and password will be sent to you.

To login to the Compliance Program, click here.

Please always feel free to contact us for an online demo of the Compliance Program. Below are some of the amazing features that our Compliance Program offers to you and your fellow employees and coworkers:

Tracking Documents - In California, approved medical waste tracking documents are used to track medical waste from its point of creation, until it’s treated for disposal. MedWaste uses approved electronic medical waste tracking documents. It is a superb and compliant way to easily and accurately track your medical waste throughout its pick up and disposal process.

At anytime, you can log in to your Compliance Program to view, download and print your past medical waste tracking documents. These tracking documents will detail the quantities and types of medical waste collected from your facility.

See a sample medical waste tracking document here.

Safety Training & Certification - In less than one hour, train yourself and all of your company employees in OSHA and HIPPA required training, with an easy to understand online video training course. Then get instant certification!

Our training is a captivating video series that keeps your attention focused on the material. The training is broken into small modules to allow you to complete the training at your own pace. You can view and take tests on your own schedule - either all at one time, or over days, or even weeks.

As soon as the training classes have been completed, and the user has successfully completed all of the tests, a customized certificate of completion will be created for the user to print. We will also store and organize all of your certificates of completion, where they can be viewed and printed at any time. We will automatically remind each user when it is time for them to retake their annual training. We can also send a reminder to the supervisor when training is required, or completed.

Two training courses that we offer are:

Bloodborne Pathogens Training (OSHA) - This training is required for all people that work with human blood, blood products, human tissues, fluids, or other potentially infectious materials as defined by OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This annual training provides a review of blood borne pathogen exposure control principles, practices, and requirements as put forth by OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. The Bloodborne Pathogens Training satisfies the annual OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens requirement on exposure control principles and practices. Bloodborne Pathogens Training consists of nine modules and nine short tests.

HIPAA Training - Anyone involved with medical care or health insurance information should understand and implement the policies and procedures of HIPAA. This HIPAA training satisfies the Health & Human Services privacy requirement. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Its goals are to: protect the privacy of patients' health information; simplify and standardize the electronic communication of patient information and administrative processes; protect health insurance for workers and their families when they lose their job or change employers; prevent fraud and insurance abuse. HIPAA training consists of five modules and five short tests.

Online Safety Plans and Audits - Create and edit OSHA compliant safety plans and make them available for you and your fellow employees to view online. You can easily create an Exposure Control Plan, a Hazard Communication Program, a Fire Prevention Program and an Emergency Action Plan. You can also get a sample medical waste management plan template to use to fulfill your requirements as a medical waste generator.

You can also create and conduct safety audits where you can assess and identify health, safety, and fire hazards in your facilities, as they apply to specific OSHA regulations or other codes. You can answer the safety audit’s questions, add comments, and take photos for each question. View corresponding regulations as they apply to each audit question and assign tasks with email reminders to correct deficiencies. There are over 75 safety audits available in an easy to use format. During or after an inspection, a click of a button gives you a comprehensive, graphical report on your current audit, or an audit that you may have conducted previously.

Code Of Federal Regulations (CFR) - Research, print, and organize the complete Code of Federal Regulations. Understand and share OSHA, EPA, DOT hazmat regulations, and more. We have all 203,000 federal regulations, from every CFR title (1 - 50), and they are continuously updated. You can also add electronic notes to any regulation.

MSDS Database - Search, view, print, save, and organize all of your MSDSs easily, for full OSHA/JCAHO compliance. This is a great MSDS software solution.

You can organize each MSDS by each material’s location, department or room. Every MSDS from every company is available. Add electronic notes to any MSDS. To initiate a simple search, type in the first word or two of a product name and/or the product’s company name, and press the search button. Instantly, a list will appear that will provide you with the best results. Simply click on an item on the list and your MSDS will appear on the page.

Much More - ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion, Hazcom training and other things are additional features that you can enjoy with our Compliance Program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an online demo so you can see our Compliance Program up close!

4.2 California Medical Waste Regulations

For information about the rules and regulations for medical waste disposal in California, click here.

4.3 Permits & Licensing

Medwaste Management is permitted and authorized to transport medical waste for disposal in California. Governing agencies are: the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the California Department Of Public Health (CDPH) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), among others. MedWaste operates in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws and regulations. All of MedWaste’s permits, licensing and documents can be furnished upon customer's request.

4.4 Helpful Links

Below are some helpful medical waste links. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have!