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One of our many medical waste disposal services is the disposal of sharps waste. Sharps waste is considered to be any waste that has a sharp edge, such as a scalpel or a needle, and is a cutting hazard. MedWaste Management can remove sharps waste on your schedule, but due to the nature of the waste, it goes without saying that you will need a plan in place to safely and securely store sharps waste while you are waiting for our visit to your healthcare facility. For this purpose, we recommend our collection of wall mounted sharps containers.

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Wall Mount Sharps Disposal

We carry a range of sizes of disposal bins, some made out of wire and some enclosed, to mount on the wall in your healthcare facility. Our wall mounted sharps containers are designed with consideration for space economy and visual aesthetics. Most of our wall mounted sharps containers can be locked via key for the safety of your patients and staff.

Medical Waste Management

MedWaste Management offers medical waste disposal in all forms in every county across the state of California. Furthermore, it is our mission to help you manage your medical waste most safely and effectively. Our store carries many containers and tools to achieve this goal.

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