Pharmaceutical Waste Containers

Managing pharmaceutical waste is a substantial challenge for healthcare facilities in the state of California. MedWaste Management was founded to remove the burden of medical waste disposal from busy medical facilities, and pharmaceutical waste is no exception. We consider it our responsibility to do what we can to facilitate the safe and responsible handling of pharmaceutical waste. This is why we provide pharmaceutical waste containers for the convenience of medical facilities and other businesses.

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Safe and Effective Pharmaceutical Waste Management

We have several sizes and varieties of pharmaceutical waste containers for the effective management of pharmaceutical waste. For the handling and disposal of expired prescriptions and over the counter drugs, we carry containers that range from two gallons to 18 gallons. Safely and effectively disposing of pharmaceutical waste is one of our most serious responsibilities, and we provide effective storage containers until we can remove the pharmaceutical waste from your facility. In additional to our pharmaceutical waste containers, we carry containers for sharps, paper waste, and pathological waste, among others.

Medical Waste Management

MedWaste Management is your premier expert in medical waste disposal and handling, and we have been fully licensed to operate in the state of California. We service facilities in every county in the state, and are ready to serve you with no contracts or hidden fees! Contact us at 866-254-5105 for more information.

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