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Pathological Waste Containers

Pathological waste is the byproduct of operations such as surgical procedures. Any specimen of tissue or organ waste from such a medical procedure falls into this category. A huge amount of surgeries take place every month in the state of California, and disposing of the waste and by-products of these surgeries is a substantial challenge to healthcare providers. It is one of our primary goals to provide the means to dispose of pathological waste as well as trace chemotherapy and biohazardous waste to health providers across the state of California.

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Pathological Waste Disposal

We carry specialized containers specifically for three types of waste: pathological waste, trace chemotherapy waste, and hazardous waste. Each is specifically labeled with the specific warnings and instructions pertinent to the specific type of waste contained within the bucket. MedWaste Management considers no safety guidelines too trivial to observe to the letter, and our rigorous approach to the design of our waste containers reflects this commitment.

MedWaste Management and Disposal

At MedWaste Management, we pride ourselves on delivering medical waste services to the entirety of California. With strategic warehouse and vehicle placement, we have been able to achieve this. We operate under the principle of mutual respect, and will provide you with excellent service without locking you into a contract! Contact us at 866-254-5105.

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