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We pride ourselves on our medical waste disposal services. However, it is not the only service that we offer! In the healthcare industry, even in the modern digital age, it goes without saying that paperwork and documents pile up quickly. Many healthcare providers and administrators find the storage and disposal of old and outdated documents a constant headache. To keep your records under control, use our paper shredder disposal services and purchase our paper shredding containers to store paper waste in between removals.

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Paper Shredding Containers and Disposal

We have several paper disposal services, from paper shredder disposal to paper storage and shredding containers for both rent and purchase. We know that documents piling up can be one of the most stressful parts of managing a workplace, and we have prepared a comprehensive and convenient paper disposal service to deal with every aspect of this arduous process. We are available for this service on a schedule or on call. If you already use our medical waste services, our drivers will collect your paper waste at the same time as picking up your medical waste! You can also order sharps containers, reusable medical waste containers, and RCRA biohazardous waste containers from MedWaste Management.

Medical Waste Disposal in the State of California

We are fully licensed and trained to dispose of medical waste in every county in the state of California. The safe and effective disposal of medical waste is our top priority, and we provide this service with no contracts or hidden fees!

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