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We collect & dispose of biohazardous waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, pathological waste, and trace-chemotherapy waste. We also collect and dispose of paper waste and RCRA hazardous waste.

  • Medical Waste Disposal

    We expertly collect and dispose of all medical wastes from any type of health facility or business in California. This includes biohazardous/sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, pathological waste, and trace-chemo waste. Call us today for pricing in your area!

  • When You Need It

    We can collect your medical waste on a regularly scheduled basis, or only when you request it! We can start servicing you right away!

  • Anywhere & Everywhere

    We service every healthcare facility type, lab or business. We provide medical waste disposal services throughout the entire California!

  • Products Store

    During our service visits, we can automatically replace your filled disposable sharps containers, with new ones, from our great assortment of medical waste products!

  • Paper Shredding & Disposal

    We can collect and shred your paper waste during any service visit. You won’t need a paper shredder anymore. No minimums!

  • Don’t Overpay

    Many people overpay for their medical waste disposal services, and because of locked contracts, they are unable to switch.

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Healthcare facilities and businesses frequently generate waste that is classified as hazardous by the RCRA. This waste has special disposal requirements. We help you identify and properly dispose of your hazardous waste!

  • Easy Online Tools

    Login online to view your waste tracking documentation, fulfill your OSHA training requirements, and much more! Get emails containing signed medical waste tracking documents, whenever your medical waste gets picked up, and dropped off for disposal.


For biohazard & red bag waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical & medicine waste, and pathological & trace chemotherapy waste. Online waste tracking with email notifications is included.
For paper waste in file boxes or locking paper containers. Paper collections can be done during any medical waste service visit. Online waste tracking with email notifications is included.
For RCRA waste generated in a healthcare facility. Assistance with profiling and containerization is included.
Here you can purchase containers and supplies. MedWaste can also automatically replace your disposable containers that we collect, so you never have to order containers again! Call for details.
Here you can view & print your waste tracking documentation, train & certify in OSHA and HIPPA courses, and much more!
Service Frequencies:
  •  On Call (when you request it)
  •  Quarterly (every three months)
  •  Monthly
  •  Bi Monthly (twice a month)
  •  Every Two weeks
  •  Weekly
  •  Twice A Week
  •  Custom Scheduling Available
Household Sharps Waste

Properly dispose of your household needles, diabetic lancets, and syringes.

Step 1

Contain your sharps in a sharps container or other hard plastic container, such as a laundry detergent bottle or mouth wash bottle. Close the container.

Step 2

Dispose of your container at a local household sharps collection site, or use a mailable sharps container system and bring it to your local mail place to be sent out for disposal.

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Limit one per California household annually, to manage household sharps waste

Household Medicine Waste

Properly dispose of your household's unused medicines & pills.

Option 1

Bring your medicines to a local collection site or take back event. You can find the medicine collection site that is nearest to you by using Google’s special locator tool or the DEA’s locator tool.

Option 2

Some medicines can and should be flushed down the sink or toilet. Read the FDA’s information on flushing medicines.

“Before switching to MedWaste Management, I was overpaying for medical waste disposal, and stuck in a contract that I did not need.”

David Levy - Administrator At Eisenhower Healthcare Center in Pasadena, California.