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Established in 2008, MedWaste Management is a California based medical waste disposal company.

Whether it be today - or in 3 years from now, we hope that when the time comes for you to renew your medical waste services, you will consider choosing us, MedWaste Management! We collect and dispose of all medical wastes including; biohazardous waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste and pathology waste.

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    Many people overpay for their medical waste disposal services, and because of locked contracts, they are unable to switch.

  • Medical waste disposal services calendar


    We can collect your medical waste on a regularly scheduled basis, or only when you request it! We can start servicing you right away!

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    During our service visits, we can automatically replace your filled disposable sharps containers, with new ones, from our great assortment of medical waste products!

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    We service every healthcare facility type, lab or business. We provide medical waste disposal services throughout the entire California!


    Login online to view your waste tracking documentation, fulfill your OSHA training requirements, and much more!
    Get emails containing signed medical waste tracking documents, whenever your medical waste gets picked up, and dropped off for disposal.

“Before switching to MedWaste Management, I was overpaying for medical waste disposal, and stuck in a contract that I did not need.”

David Levy - Administrator At Eisenhower Healthcare Center in
Pasadena, California.

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