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Biological Waste Disposal for Laboratories

Biological Waste Disposal for Laboratories

Choosing a Biological Waste Disposal Company that Fits in With What Your Laboratory Needs

Independently run medical laboratories have the responsibility of managing their own biological waste disposal needs. Even for a small laboratory, this should include partnering with a biological waste disposal service provider who at the very least will remove biological waste from the premises for you. Yet, if you find the right company to work with, you can feel confident that your medical laboratory is always in full compliance with the local, state and federal laws.

These Tips Will Help You Choose a Company That Not Only Will Keep You Compliant, But Will Provide You With a High Quality Service that Turns Biological Waste Disposal Management Into a Breeze:

  • Don’t dismiss the smaller biological waste disposal company in favor of a big name. A smaller laboratory will benefit from the personalized service that a small disposal company is able to provide. They have the time and resources it takes to help streamline your laboratory methods of practice so that biological waste disposal is efficient and cost effective.
  • Stick with a local biological waste disposal company. The feds, state and even local governments all have a say in medical waste disposal. The closer your company is to your site, the better understanding they will have of the regulations that govern it.
  • Look for a full service medical waste disposal company. These will help you from the generation of medical waste in the laboratory right up until its incineration. You want a company that helps you identify where to put sharps containers and red bag receptacles, that will help educate your employees on the safe transportation, and of course will remove the medical waste from your laboratory on a set schedule.
  • Ask about the paperwork provided to your laboratory. A reputable biological waste disposal company will have signed off paperwork at the point of pick-up that is verified by an employee of yours. In addition, you should be given detailed manifests of pick-ups of medical waste from your laboratory. If audited by a government agency such as the FDA or OSHA, you will have to show this paperwork as proof of your compliance.
  • Check the level of customer service provided by the waste removal company. Call them and see how long it takes to get to a representative. Do they help with on-going training of your employees? Will they assist you in picking out the right sized sharps containers and red bags? Biological waste disposal for laboratories can get complicated, and you really want to work with a professional company that is fully committed to excellent customer service standards.
  • Lastly ensure that they are fully licensed to dispose of biological waste generated by a laboratory. Waste management companies are also held to high standards and must be approved vendors by the state in order to operate.

Biological waste disposal is not just about avoiding fines, it is about protecting the health of your employees and the public. Keep that in mind always, and choose a company that is equally committed to the safe disposal of medical waste.

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I know I can count on you all to collect everything and do it safely.

You are a great company to work with. At our pharmaceutical production laboratory. We have gallons of leftover pharmaceutical waste that are a headache for our techs to deal with. I know I can count on you all to collect everything and do it safely. I’m pleased with the personal service.


Mitchell Adam

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