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Aetna Inc. Insurance

Aetna Inc. is an American Managed Health Care Company that offers traditional health care plans and consumer-directed health care insurance plans.Aetna Inc. Insurance also offers services for health care management, workers’ compensation administration and health information technology.

Types of Plans:

The health insurance plans offered by Aetna, Inc. include medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disability plans.

Aetna has a contract with Medicare, and they offer Medicare and Medicaid health insurance plans. Enrollment in these plans depends on contract renewal. They offer a Medicare plan, Plans through an employer, Medicaid plans, Student Health Plans, and International Plans.

When you sign up for a Medicare plan on Aetna’s website, you can request an agent to come to your house to meet with you and discuss which plan would work best for your needs.

Finding Health Care Providers:

Aetna’s directory is a great resource for finding doctors and hospitals that take Aetna’s insurance. The directory includes more than 25 types of health care providers, like urgent care centers, dialysis centers, vision care providers, flu shot providers, physical therapistes, hospice care providers, drug and alchohol counseling, marriage counselors, and acutpuncturists.

Legal Notice: The providers listed are independent contractors. They are not agents of Aetna, and therefore their participation in Aetna Insurance plans can change without notice, although Aetna will do their best to provide notice in advance.

Aetna does not guarantee access to health care services.

See Evidence of Coverage for a more detailed description of your plan benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage. Plan features and availability varies, depending on the service area.

Contact Aetna.

Support Network:

Aetna, Inc. is passionate about giving patients  many resources to enable them to be more proactive about their own health.

Their motto is: “Health Care Can Be Simpler.” With available infromation and support programs, the patient’s journey towards better health will be easier and simpler.

Depending on availbility in your locale or the plan you choose, Aetna, Inc. has incredible resources and programs that they partner with. Some examples of Support Programs are as follows:

Ask a Nurse program

When you have an unexpected health question, call Aetna’s Ask-a-Nurse Program. Medical Professionals will be available by phone or by email 24 hours a day.

Registered Nurses can help you understand medical procedures and available treatment options, and give you tips for talking to your Doctor. They can answer questions about medication and alert you to possible side effects. They can help you avoid a trip to the Health Care Provider’s office or the hospital with the information at their disposal.

Coaching Programs:

Sometimes you need support from others when you need to make big changes. Aetna offers Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Programs that include one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and a bunch of online communities to provide some support.

Coaching works!  Success stories.

AbleTo, Inc.

After an illness or health issue, the stress and sadness can take its toll and patients will need help with recovery. Aetna is working with AbleTo, Inc., to help make recovery as smooth as possible.

Start living your healthiest life.

How you feel affects how you heal. AbleTo, Inc., provides a behavioral therapist and coach for you to talk to twice a week for eight weeks by phone or video. The treatment goal will be to help you feel like yourself again. Some of the skills you will cover are:

*Managing Stress

*Improving your mood and outlook for the future

* Engaging more fully in meaningful activities

*Maximizing physical recovery after a medical event

*Transitioning back to work after a leave of absence

*Improving communication with family and health care professionals

*Overcoming barriers to change

*Setting specific, realistic goals

*Setting boundaries

*Improving time management

For more information, call AbleTo at 855-773-2354, or Visit the AbleTo website.

Aetna Depression Management:

Depression affects your thoughts, feelings, physical health, relationships and job. It is a serious illness, affecting more than 15 million adults in America.

The good news is, most people feel better within a few weeks of accessing the right treatment.

Aetna has teamed up with Doctors all over the country to make it easier to get diagnosed quickly. They also offer an Online Risk Assessment tool- it’s free and confidential, and helps you gauge the risk and the likelihood of your having depression.

They also teamed up to cover an Employee Assistance Programs to help with various mental health issues, utilizing telephone counseling and online resources to help employees with mental health issues keep their heads on the job.


Aetna, Inc. has been conducting studies to tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Aetna’s outreach to tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria

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Bad Reviews:

Aetna consistently gets negative reviews on online forums for flaws in their customer service and for coverage limits. Many health insurance plans that team up with Medicaid or Medicare have the same flaws in their systems.

An objective survey concluded that Aetna, Inc. has some of the least expensive health insurance plans, and even though they do not provide short-term coverage, Aetna, Inc. is still a solid health plan worth considering.


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