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Ever since beginning our journey in 2008, we have earned the trust of numerous health facilities through our dedication and professionalism. We provide our services to a variety of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, dentists, surgery centers, laboratories, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, and even acupuncture and tattoo parlors. Simply put, anywhere that generates medical waste, we’ll be there to ensure that it is removed safely and effectively so that health care providers can focus on doing their important work.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles, with branches in Lynwood and Hayward, but one of our primary goals is to effectively provide service to all of California. We achieve this by strategically placing trucks and warehouses throughout the state to ensure that no matter where you are in California, your medical waste can be removed safely and with minimal hassle. Our team is composed of workers devoted to doing an honest job, and we view our service to the healthcare industry as both a responsibility and an honor.

Our Mission

Our first priority is the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Effective and outstanding customer service is at the heart of our work every day when we send our trucks out. You, the customer, deserve and can expect excellent service from MedWaste Management. You will have direct and quick access to us, and we will always act quickly and effectively to serve you.

We also prioritize safety and compliance. Managing and disposing of healthcare industry’s medical waste is a tremendous responsibility that we embrace with humility and respect. No safety policy is too trivial to observe completely, every time. We take pride in ensuring patient and worker safety in all our processes.

Medwaste Management is authorized to transport medical waste for disposal in California, through the Department Of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), and the California Department Of Public Health (CDPH). MedWaste holds a valid EPA ID number, and the required amounts of liability and workman's compensation insurance. MedWaste operates in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.

All of MedWaste’s permits, licensing and documents can be furnished upon customer's request.

A Contract-Free Service With Upfront Pricing

One of the most important aspects of our service is our policy of mutual respect. To this end, we have a strict policy of being 100% upfront on pricing with our customers. We carry no hidden fees and will never lock you into a contract. Your price at MedWaste is guaranteed for 24 months; however, you are not contractually bound to it. You may cancel or change your service at any time without incurring any fees or penalties. You will never find any trace of an unexpected fee with your MedWaste service, added charges will never appear on our invoices. If we choose to raise your prices after 24 months, you will receive written notice 30 days in advance, and price increases will not be made without your consent. Any new pricing will be guaranteed for 24 months. In most cases, prices will not increase for a number of years, and your price is based on your location in California and what kind of waste you produce.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our services, pricing, or anything else about our mission, do not hesitate to give us a call at (886) 254-5105 or contact us at Contact@medwastemngmt.com. We are standing by with answers to any concerns that you might have about our services or your unique medical waste situation.